20161105-20161113 Japan : Location Hunt - your name. 君の名は。

All the digital photos were taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk.II with EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM lens,
5616 x 3744 Fine Mode, scaled down to 786 x 524 for internet access, and 282 x 188 for thumbnails.
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your name. 君の名は。

your name. 君の名は。 is the movie anime directed by Shinkai Makoto 新海誠, and was being roadshow starting 26 Aug 2016, and is still being roadshow.
As of the first week of November, movie sales reached 18.5 billion Yen 185億円, and is the second director in Japan anime movie history to exceed the 10 billion Yen 100億円 mark. The first one is of course, Miyazaki Hayao 宮崎駿.

The main characters are Mitsuha 三葉 and Taki 瀧.

This session is on the last cuts of the movie, where Mitsuha 三葉 and Taki 瀧 saw each other on adjacent trains by chance although they do not know who each other are, and they rushed to search for each other after exiting at the next stations.
Tokyo-to Shinzuku-ku Suga-chou/Wakaba/Yotsuya 東京都新宿区 須賀町/若葉/四谷

The nearest train station is Yotsuya Station 四ツ谷駅駅 of JR Chuuou Line 中央線 and Tokyo Metro 東京地下鉄 Marunouchi Line 丸ノ内線 / Nanboku Line 南北線.
[MOV] Taki 瀧 ran down hill and found the road split into 2 different directions. [MOV] Mitsuha 三葉 stopped at the crossroad wondering which way she should go [MOV] Scene showing the array of traffic sign posts
[MOV] Scene showing a red mail box at the split of the road where Taki 瀧 was previously running [MOV] Scene showing a taxi stopping near the crossroad where Mitsuha 三葉 was previously stopped [MOV] Taki 瀧 stopped at the same crossroad wondering which way he should go
[MOV] Taki 瀧 found a staircase near the crossroad with Mitsuha 三葉 standing at the top [MOV] Mitsuha 三葉 watching at Taki 瀧 from the top of the staircase [MOV] Taki 瀧 started to climb the staircase and Mitsuha 三葉 started her descend
[MOV] Mitsuha 三葉 and Taki 瀧 walked pass each other in the middle of the staircase [MOV] Mitsuha 三葉 and Taki 瀧 walked pass each other in the middle of the staircase [MOV] Mitsuha 三葉 and Taki 瀧 walked pass each other
[MOV] Taki 瀧 stopped, turned around, and asked Mitsuha 三葉 if he had seen her somewhere before [MOV] Mitsuha 三葉 turned around, replying she felt the same too [MOV] And then the punch line. They both asked at the same time "Your name is… 君の名は"