20151010-20151017 Japan : Location Hunt - Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~ たまゆら〜卒業写真〜

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Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~ たまゆら〜卒業写真〜

Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~ たまゆら〜卒業写真〜 is a 4-episode OVA anime series wrapping up the previous OVA/TV anime series.
The main characters are Fuu 楓, Kaoru かおる, Norie のりえ, Maon 麻音, and Kanae かなえ.
Kanagawa-ken Yokosuka-shi 神奈川県横須賀市 - Shioiri 汐入
Shioiri 汐入 is the place where Fuu has lived for a few years and where her friend Chihiro 千尋 is currently living.

The nearest train station is Shioiri Station 汐入駅 of Keikyu 京急 Main Line 本線.
[EP01] Fuu 楓's friend Chihiro ちひろ waiting for her friend Tomo とも in front of the convenient store