20131021-20131101 Japan : Location Hunt - Chuunibyou demo Koigashitai! OVA and Movie

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Chuunibyou demo Koigashitai! OVA and Movie
Chuunibyou demo Koigashitai! is the 12 episodes TV anime series aired between October and December 2012. There are also 6 short episodes called "Lite" aired in Kyoto Animation Channel in YouTube.
The OVA episode, episode 13, was released in June 2013. There is also a movie called "Otonashi Rikka kai ~ Movie Chuunibyou demo Koigashitai! ~" which was roadshow in September 2013. There will be a new TV series to be aired in 1Q 2014.
This session concentrates on the OVA episode ([EP13]) and the movie ([MOV]).
The main characters are Rikka, Yuuta, Nibutani, Dekomori, Kumin, and Ishiki.
Shiga-ken Ootsu-shi Honkatata
In the movie, a wedding ceremony was being held for Rikka and Yuuta.
The nearest train station is Katata station of JR Kosei Line.
[MOV] Scene showing the front of the church where Rikka and Yuuta held their wedding ceremony    
Shiga-ken Ootsu-shi Hamaootsu
2 parts of the OVA episode, episode 13, happened around Hamaootsu station. First is the scene where the gang considering the location of the Christmas party.
Secondly, after the Christmas party, Rikka and Yuuta went to the night cruise of the ship Michigan, a paddle-wheel cruise ship on the lake Biwako, not realizing the rest of the gang were following them.
The nearest train station is Hamaootsu Station of Keihan-Denki-Tetsudou Keishin Line / Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line.
[EP13] Scene showing the train tracks on public road just outside Hamaootsu station [EP13] The gang gathered just outside the train station to discuss on the venue of the Christmas party [EP13] Ishiki suggested to use his place
[EP13] Nibutani vetoed Ishiki's offer [EP13] Ishiki demanded an explanation [EP13] Nibutani asked Yuuta if they could go to Rikka's place
[EP13] Yuuta replied that it probably not possible [EP13] Dekomori offered to use her place [EP13] Rikka proclaimed that Dekomori's place is a fortress
A duck/goose at the lake shore [EP13] Scene showing the front of the cruise ship Michigan [EP13] Scene showing the restaurant on the ship
[EP-previous] Scene from the OP of the previous TV series [EP13] Rikka happily running towards the stern side of the upper deck [EP13] Rikka looking at the lights on the shore
[EP13] Rikka and Yuuta looking at the lights on the shore [EP13] Scene showing the upper deck when Rikka and Yuuta discussing their relationship [EP13] Nibutani, Dekomori, Kumin & Ishiki appeared
[EP13] Dekomori attack Yuuta [EP13] Nibutani & Dekomori tangling [EP13] Nibutani & Dekomori tangling
[EP13] Nibutani & Dekomori tangling The ship paddle-wheel A police motive wrapping train at Hamaootsu station