20130418-20130422 Japan : Location Hunt - Chihayafuru

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Chihayafuru is a manga on Competitive Karuta by Suetsugu Yuki. 2 TV anime seasons have been made so far. The first season was a 25 episodes TV anime series aired between October 2011 and March 2012. The second season is currently being broadcast between January and June 2013.
The main characters are Chihaya, Taichi, Arata, Nikuman-kun, Tsukue-kun, and Kanade.
Shiga-ken Ootsu-shi Nishikoori
Chihayafuru the manga wrapping train - Keihan-Denki-Tetsudou Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line
The nearest train station is Oumijinguumae station of Keihan-Denki-Tetsudou Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line.
Signboard at the platform of Oumijinguumae station Chihayafuru wrapping train exterior : Chihaya & Arata
exterior : Chihayafuru by mangaka Suetsugu Yuki exterior : Chihaya exterior : Sumire, Chihaya, Kanade
interior : introducing Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, the basis of Karuta interior : Nikuman-kun, Tsukue-kun, and Kana-chan (Kanade) interior : Taichi
interior : Chihaya interior : Arata  
Shiga-ken Ootsu-shi Jinguu-chou
Oumi Jinguu is the sacred place of Japanese Competitive Karuta. It is the main venue of the yearly All-Japan competition and the Inter-High competition.
The nearest train station is Oumijinguumae station of Keihan-denki-tetsudou Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line.
Main tower gate of Oumi Jinguu. All the main characters visited Oumi Jinguu during their matches. Map of Oumi Jinguu