20111129-20111206 Japan : Location Hunt - Fujiko F Fujio Museum

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Fujiko F Fujio Museum
Fujiko F Fujio Museum was opened on 03 Sep 2011.
The museum showcase the works of the mangaka (comic writer) Fujiko F Fujio (real name Fujimoto Hiroshi, 1933-1996).
Official web site : http://www.fujiko-museum.com/
Kanagawa-ken Kawasaki-shi Tama-ku Nagao
The nearest train stations are Mukougaokayuuen station of Odakyuu Odawara Line and Shukugawara station of JR Nanbu Line, In addition, shuttle bus service is available from Oporito station of Odakyuu Odawara Line / JR Nanbu Line.
Shuttle bus for the museum Q-tarou Pa-man
Q-tarou Q-tarou Q-tarou
Q-tarou Outlook of the museum Entrance
Exhibit outside the entrance Doraemon on the 2F windows Doraemon exhibits at the entrance - Giant & Suneo
Doraemon exhibits at the entrance - Nobita & tiny time machine Doraemon exhibits in the balcony - Giant Doraemon sitting in the mini library
Mini library Doraemon movie advertisement Doraemon movie advertisement
Doraemon GachaGacha machine Rooftop exhibits - Q-tarou and O-jirou Rooftop exhibits - Q-tarou and O-jirou
Rooftop exhibits Rooftop exhibits - Bobby & Pa-man Rooftop exhibits
Rooftop exhibits - Doraemon, Nobita & dinosaur Pi-suke Rooftop exhibits - ? Rooftop exhibits - Doraemon's Dokodemo Door
Rooftop exhibits - Doraemon Rooftop exhibits - Doraemon The bridge outside the museum also featured Doraemon in its design
Return shuttle bus back to Oporito station Shuttle bus Doraemon & Nobita
Doraemon Ramen Oji-san (Koike-san) Doraemon's arm
Doraemon Doraemon Doraemon
Area map at the Oporito station. The red triangle at left bottom is Oporito station, while the top left red dot is the museum Small Doraemon statue at the station