20100922-20100929 Japan : Location Hunt - Ghibli - A-san no Niwa

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Ghibli - A-san no Niwa
Toukyou-to Suginami-ku Asagayakita
The nearest train station is Nakano Station and Asagaya Station of JR Chuou Line.
Previously, there was a western house located in Asagayakita which was mentioned by Director Miyazaki Hayao as "a nice old house that Totoro would like to live in" in his book "Totoro no Sumuie". It was nicknamed "Totoro no Ie" by the media. Suginami-ku municipal office bought the house from owner Mrs Kondou, and planned to make it a tourist site. Unfortunately, the house was burnt down in the early morning of 14 Feb 2009. The location is now a park called "A-san no Niwa" designed by Director Miyazaki. The park was opened by Director Miyazaki and Mrs Kondou on 25 Jul 2010.
Front entrance Front entrance Front entrance
Park toilet and storage facilities. It is modeled after the old house. Notice board Description of the old house
Description of the old house Old pumping facility Old pumping facility
Bench inside the park