20060413-20060418 Japan : Location Hunt - Atom Shopping Street

All the digital photos were taken with Canon PowerShot S70, 3072 X 2304 Fine Mode, scaled down to 800 X 600 for internet access, and 280 X 210 for thumbnails.
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Atom Shopping Street
The Atom Shopping Street is actually called Takadanobaba West shopping Street. It is located near Takanobaba Station of JR Yamanote Line. It is nick-named Atom Shopping Street because according to the 1952 manga Tetsuwan Atomu, Atom, the most famous character of mangaka Tezuka Osamu, was born on 20030407 in Takadanobaba. JR Takadanobaba Station even used Atom's song as the station jingle. The lamp-posts of the shopping street have the illustrations of Tezuka's characters on them.
Takadanobaba West Shopping Street's offical website : www.babanishi.com/
Atom posters. The upper one is about the Atom Currency that can be used in the shopping street Tezuka characters on the lamp-post Tezuka characters on the lamp-post