20040528-20040610 Japan : Location Hunt - PGSM

All the digital photos were taken with Canon EOS 10D with 17-40 F4 L USM lens, 3072 X 2048 Fine Mode, scaled down to 800 X 533 for internet access, and 280 X 186 for thumbnails.
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The Bridge
This is where Usagi first met Luna. This bridge was also frequent by Usagi & gang when commuting to/from school. This bridge is located at 3-chome Akabanedai, Kita-ku, Tokyo.
20040528-pgsm-bridge-01s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-02s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-03s.jpg
The bridge West end of the bridge. Ami captured by Kunzite here Walking from west end towards east
20040528-pgsm-bridge-04s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-05s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-06s.jpg
Walking towards east Walking towards east Walking towards east
20040528-pgsm-bridge-07s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-08s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-09s.jpg
Walking towards east Walking towards east Walking towards east
20040528-pgsm-bridge-10s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-11s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-12s.jpg
Walking towards east Walking from the middle of the bridge towards west Walking towards west
20040528-pgsm-bridge-13s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-14s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-bridge-15s.jpg
Walking towards west Walking towards west Sign of the park containing this bridge
Hikawa Jinja
In the show, it is Hikawa Jinja (1st character is "fire"), but in real life, it is Hikawa Jinja (1st character is "ice"). It is located at 2-chome, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Note that this is the Jinja in the show itself, not the one in the OP.
20040528-pgsm-hikawa-01s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-hikawa-02s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-hikawa-03s.jpg
Hikawa Jinja sign at the lower entrance Torii at the middle level. Rei walked past here Staircases connecint the middle level and the top
20040528-pgsm-hikawa-04s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-hikawa-05s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-hikawa-06s.jpg
Jinja at the top level Jinja at the top level Jinja at the top level
20040528-pgsm-hikawa-07s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-hikawa-08s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-hikawa-09s.jpg
Jinja at the top level Jinja at the top level Entrance at the top level
Top level entrance    
Crown Karaoke
In real life, it is the Karaoke-Kan Kichijoji Kita-guchi Store, at 1-chome, Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo.
20040528-pgsm-karaoke-01s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-karaoke-02s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-karaoke-03s.jpg
Entrance Entrance Entrance
20040528-pgsm-karaoke-04s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-karaoke-05s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-karaoke-06s.jpg
Entrance Reception at B1F Reception. The turtle box should be located at the red box there.
Looking at the entrance from the reception    
Rism Outlet Mall
This is where Usagi first met Minako. Usagi, with the little girl she was baby-sitting, also bumped into Hina & Mamoru here. This mall is located near the Tobu Tojo Line Fujimino Station in Saitama Prefecture.
20040528-pgsm-rism-01s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-rism-02s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-rism-03s.jpg
North entrance of Rism Outlet Mall Inside the mall Inside the mall
20040528-pgsm-rism-04s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-rism-05s.jpg 20040528-pgsm-rism-06s.jpg
Usagi reveled she was not Minako here One of the shops in the mall South entrance