20040528-20040610 Japan : Location Hunt - Mahou-sensei Negima

All the digital photos were taken with Canon EOS 10D with 17-40 F4 L USM lens, 3072 X 2048 Fine Mode, scaled down to 800 X 533 for internet access, and 280 X 186 for thumbnails.
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Mahora Junior High School
The school building is actually the JR Fukaya Station in Saitama Prefecture.
Mahora Junior High School    
Mahora Junior High School Dormitory
The school dormitory is actually the Tokyo Metropolitan University in Hachiouji-shi near the Keio-Sagamihara Line Minami-Oosawa Station.
20040528-negima-minamioosawa-01s.jpg 20040528-negima-minamioosawa-02s.jpg 20040528-negima-minamioosawa-03s.jpg
Road towards the dormitory Road towards the dormitory Road towards the dormitory
20040528-negima-minamioosawa-04s.jpg 20040528-negima-minamioosawa-05s.jpg 20040528-negima-minamioosawa-06s.jpg
The dormitory The co-op in the dormitory Evangeline first challenged Asuna here
20040528-negima-minamioosawa-07s.jpg 20040528-negima-minamioosawa-08s.jpg  
Negi was patrolling here when the power stoppage began Evangeline's first flight began here  
Mahora School City Starbooks Coffee Shop
The coffee shop is actually the Starbucks near the Keio Line Seisekisakuragaoka Station.
20040528-negima-starbucks-01s.jpg 20040528-negima-starbucks-02s.jpg 20040528-negima-starbucks-03s.jpg
Negi & Asuna met Evangeline and Chacha-maru here after the battle Negi & Asuna met Evangeline and Chacha-maru here after the battle Chacha-Maru waited here for Evangeline and Hakase
Arashiyama Hotel
The Arashiyama Hotel is real, and is located in Saga-Arashiyama in Kyoto. It is very popular with school trips.
20040528-negima-arashiyama-01s.jpg 20040528-negima-arashiyama-02s.jpg 20040528-negima-arashiyama-03s.jpg
Arashiyama hotel Arashiyama hotel Arashiyama hotel
20040528-negima-arashiyama-04s.jpg 20040528-negima-arashiyama-05s.jpg 20040528-negima-arashiyama-06s.jpg
North West end of the Togetsu Bridge North East end of the Togetsu Bridge Bird in the river, looking from the Togetsu Bridge
20040528-negima-arashiyama-07s.jpg 20040528-negima-arashiyama-08s.jpg 20040528-negima-arashiyama-09s.jpg
South West end of the Togetsu Bridge, looking towards Arashiyama Hotel South East end of the Togetsu Bridge, looking towards Arashiyama Hotel Small Togetsu Bridge, south of the Togetsu Bridge proper
Arashiyama Hotel from the middle of the Togetsu Bridge    
JR Kyoto Station
The scene of fight between the gang of the women with glasses & Negi/Asuna/Setsuna.
The famous staircases of JR Kyoto Station    
Tatsumiya Jinja
The jinja where Tatsumiya Mana worked. Not yet appeared in the manga, but I found a Takimiya Jinja (very similar kanji for the first character) near the JR Fukaya Station.
20040528-negima-tatsumiya-01s.jpg 20040528-negima-tatsumiya-02s.jpg 20040528-negima-tatsumiya-03s.jpg
Front entrance of Takimiya Jinja A red bridge next to the jinja Torii inside the jinja
20040528-negima-tatsumiya-04s.jpg 20040528-negima-tatsumiya-05s.jpg 20040528-negima-tatsumiya-06s.jpg
"Tatsumiya"'s "Tatsu" is the dragon Inside the jinja area Inside the jinja area
20040528-negima-tatsumiya-07s.jpg 20040528-negima-tatsumiya-08s.jpg  
Inside the jinja area Inside the jinja area