20010623 Japan : Tokyo - ML Gathering

All the digital photos were taken with Fuji FinePix 4700Z, 2400 X 1800 Normal Mode, scaled down to 800 X 600 for internet access, and 280 X 210 for thumbnails.
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20010623-tyo-karaoke1m.jpg 20010623-tyo-karaoke2m.jpg  
Karaoke session in Shinjuku on 6/24
Left to right : Stephen & Richard
In Moo Moo Paradise Shinjuku 3-chom
Left to right : Michael S & Michael B
20010623-tyo-ms1m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ms2m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ms3m.jpg
The Chuka-ryori delivery shop under Michael S's apartment building Michael S's apartment building South Torii, Oomiya Hachimangu, near Michael S's apartment building
20010623-tyo-ms4m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ms5m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ms6m.jpg
Entrance, Oomiya Hachimangu Entrance, Oomiya Hachimangu Main building, Oomiya Hachimangu
20010623-tyo-ms7m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ms8m.jpg  
East Inner Torii, Oomiya Hachimangu East Outer Torii, Oomiya Hachimangu  
20010623-tyo-hd1m.jpg 20010623-tyo-hd2m.jpg  
Doi residence Doi residence  
20010623-tyo-ks1m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ks2m.jpg 20010623-tyo-ks3m.jpg
Shimizu residence Tokyo Mosque, near Shimizu residence Tokyo Mosque, near Shimizu residence